BPS Health Education Frameworks

Our vision is to provide comprehensive health education to all students in the Boston Public Schools through a sustainable program model founded on medically accurate information that introduces developmentally appropriate knowledge and skills at each grade level. In 2011-2012, we revised our Health Education Frameworks to meet the needs and interests of urban youth, with particular attention paid to the racial, ethnic, cultural, and geographic diversity of Boston. Furthermore, these frameworks integrate learning across the many disciplines of the BPS curriculum.

Health education is an essential part of our work to improve educational outcomes for BPS students. Healthy students are students who are ready to learn. When students have the knowledge and the skills they need to be healthy, their academic performance will improve. Health classes provide a unique educational space within the school day in which students reflect on their own lives, connect with their peers, and gain support from their teachers. Strengthening both skills and literacy will increase students’ positive development and help them become thriving adults who successfully contribute to our society.

Download a copy of the Health Education Frameworks SY_13