School Wellness Council

School Wellness Council Overview

A school wellness council is a group of school representatives that collaborate to address health and wellness in the school community.

School-based Wellness Councils must, annually:

  • Convene at least 4 times per year
  • Review wellness-related policies in 8 topic areas
  • Complete an assessment of their school health environment
  • Write an action plan for the school year based on the assessment
  • Implement the action plan

Click the following link for the District Wellness Policy Implementation Toolkit

Click the following link for the Spanish version of the District Wellness Policy Sample Letter to Families

Click the following link for the Wellness Action Plan (WAP) Template with Guidance_SY2015-16

Click the following link for the Wellness Action Plan (WAP) Template SY2015-16

For information about how the Wellness Action Plan (WAP) connects to the Quality School Improvement Plan (QSP) and the Instructional Focus (IF) Click Here.