Healthy Family Fun Program

Healthy Family Fun Program – Wellness Council Sponsorship

1Healthy Family Fun (HFF) is dedicated to providing Boston Public Schools with meaningful programming by engaging students and families in fun and healthy community events. The goal of the Healthy Family Fun Program is to involve families in physical activity and nutrition education and to increase the capacity of wellness councils to connect and engage with families. HFF events feature activities focused on: physical activity, nutrition education, and socio-emotional/behavioral activities. Events can take place in conjunction with existing school events or can be stand-alone. HFF events are supported by the BPS Health and Wellness Department.


The Health and Wellness Department will:

  • Choose up to 30 schools to sponsor Wellness Council-led events
  • Reimburse for up to $1000 per event for pre-approved event materials (HFF cannot reimburse school account)
  • Reimburse for up to $200 for pre-approved initiatives to increase parent participation (for example, babysitting services or parent stipends) (HFF cannot reimburse school accounts)
  • Approve event materials and services prior to purchase
  • Provide Healthy Family Fun promotional materials
  • *Provide support and coordination for family events

By joining the Healthy Family Fun Program, the School agrees to:

  • *Host 1 Healthy Family Fun event before June 2016 led by your school’s Wellness Council, with an emphasis on increasing parent involvement:
    • Events cannot take place until the Program Donation Kickoff Event
  • Register participants and record number of participants attending the event
  • Distribute Healthy Family Fun promotional materials at events
  • Distribute and collect Healthy Family Fun exit surveys from all event participants
  • Only offer food in compliance with the BPS Nutrition Policy Guidelines
  • Complete a Healthy Family Fun event debrief survey/Wellness Council survey after the event
  • Obtain approval from the Healthy Family Fun Program Coordinator for materials and services prior to purchase
  • Submit original receipts within 30 days for reimbursement
  • Obtain and manage media release forms for families who participate in Healthy Family Fun events

Interested? Please download and complete the Healthy Family Events Sponsorship Application due Thursday, January 28th!

We will follow up with you about program details by end of Jan. If chosen, participating schools must sign a memorandum of agreement with the BPS Health and Wellness Department before beginning the program.

*The number of events that schools will host and the level of technical assistance provided by the Healthy Family Program Coordinator will be determined by the information provided in the application.*