PA in the Workplace

Below you will find a variety of resources for conducting physical activity programs and challenges in an office setting. These activities offer ways  for employees to incorporate daily physical activity into their time spent at work in a fun and engaging way by creating healthy, workplace competitions.  These activities can be rotated throughout the year to keep the activities varied and interesting.

Resolution Solution Part 1
This program includes materials to challenge employees to succeed at their new years resolution. Included are instructions on how to run this program and materials to distribute to employees.

Resolution Solution Part 2
The materials included in this presentation explain how to set SMART goals and identifying an achievable resolution. This can be used as part of Resolution Solution programming or separate as just informational.

Thanksgiving PA 
This is a quarter page handout that can be distribute to employees for tips on incorporating PA on Thanksgiving. Could be used as a mailbox stuffer or take away at staff meeting

Turkey Trot 
This program includes materials for employees to have an office Turkey trot. The turkey trot asks employees to track their daily physical activity both at work and at home to move their turkey across the game board. Instructions and materials are included to get this program started.

Wellness Bingo 
Wellness Bingo takes a new spin on the classic Bingo game. Employees earn spins by trying new foods, tracking physical activity, and taking movement breaks during the workday. The more spins an employees earns, the better chance of winning Bingo! Instructions and materials included in this program. You will need to provide your own Bingo Cards and Bingo wheel.

Want to learn more? Check out this interesting video to learn more about the benefits of incorporating even just a half our of physical activity and exercise into your day.